Tuesday, November 28, 2006

BIM in Architecture: an editorial

EDITORIAL: Architects have often been slower to adapt to new technology than others in the field, and the current BIM (r)Evolution is no exception in our experience. Many Contractors and Construction Managers are already solidly invested in the use of BIM as a delivery method. Their efforts are to be applauded and are a valuable resource.

The potential change to the way we operate in the design and construction industry is vast, and it is only those who understand and can work with the coming changes in workflow and project delivery that will emerge successfully from this period of flux.

It is regretable that many in the architectural community have not yet seen the need to lead this industry change, but there are hopeful indications that this is beginning to change.

Events such as the 2007 Technology Symposium are designed to facilitate this change in a practical way.

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