Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Solibri's Free webapp: IFC Optimizer

Solibri international offers a freeware IFC optimizer which they indicate can losslessly decrease file sizes by 90-95%.

For those dealing with the GSA, this free web-based tool may be of great value, particularly for those collaborating between remote locations.

If you have experience with this tool, please let us know about it in the comments. Thanks.

GSA BIM requirements - Review Drafts Available

The General Services Administration recently released draft versions of its BIM Guide Series 01 and Series 02 documents, which detail its efforts working with 5 validated BIM applications to prepare its requirements for submission of spatial programs BIM for all major projects receiving design funding for Fiscal Year 2007.

BIM Guide Series 01 - Overview
BIM Guide Series 02 - Spatial Program Validation

Representatives from GSA and the 5 approved software providers have indicated their interest in participating in the Feb 2007 Tech Symposium, to review their requirments and plans for the future. We look forward to this exciting portion of our program.

BIM in Architecture: an editorial

EDITORIAL: Architects have often been slower to adapt to new technology than others in the field, and the current BIM (r)Evolution is no exception in our experience. Many Contractors and Construction Managers are already solidly invested in the use of BIM as a delivery method. Their efforts are to be applauded and are a valuable resource.

The potential change to the way we operate in the design and construction industry is vast, and it is only those who understand and can work with the coming changes in workflow and project delivery that will emerge successfully from this period of flux.

It is regretable that many in the architectural community have not yet seen the need to lead this industry change, but there are hopeful indications that this is beginning to change.

Events such as the 2007 Technology Symposium are designed to facilitate this change in a practical way.